Sunday, June 28, 2009


Okay, so a cpl months ago, Bopp went to the ortho for her consult (at dentists recommendation). We knew her teeth were crooked, but boy were we ever in for a financial shock!! Not only did she need top & bottom braces.....she needed a herbst appliance too. *shakes head in disbelief while sobbing!* I was already worried about how we were going to pay for braces when they decided to add in another 2 grand for this beyond belief piece of equipment. They decided this was the best way to correct her overbite and to widen her top jaw. The first week in June, she had spacers put in to prepare for what was to come. 2 weeks later, the *thing* went in. These pix will give you some what of an idea, but not the full extent because you aren't able to see the screw thingys that jab out on both sides and bottom. Also you can only partially see the poll like shock system that is connects both top and bottom. My poor child. LUCKILY, she is such a strong personality and person in general, she is dealing with it so well. Her biggest challenge, thus far, is eating, not so much chewing, that's not too bad, but food does get stuck up in that thing on the roof of her mouth. At first she'd panic a little, but realized that she could just eat and take care of it after. She is definitely a slower eater now, but is doing well. Here is the kicker, we thought she'd have about 6 months to get used to this foreign object in her mouth....nope, already has to get the top braces mid-July!! She will wear the herbst for a year, then *i think* get the bottom braces after that. They have told us the whole process will only take about 16-18 months, which I guess isn't too bad from what I hear. She has definitely gotten the worst parts of my hubby and I. My eyesight and HIS teeth!! Thankfully she is doing great and will have awesome, straight, pretty teeth when this is all said and done. WELL SHE BETTER ANYWAY!!! It's costing us about 5500 bucks :( We are doing our best, but it sure is a financial strain! (esp with soon to be car loan too) Take a look at this crazy thing!!

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  1. Ooooh, and we were cringing at the thought of future braces for Jacob. He's already got a retainer, but has had a couple of baby teeth removed, then will have some permanent teeth removed as well as braces. Seeing that contraption on your daughter, oh my goodness, poor kid! Poor parents too with the bill for all that!