Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camp Out

This past weekend, the family decided to go camping. After the accident, we thought they needed some chillaxin. (tho camping for me is so not) I didn't stay, I just went and hung out for awhile. They had a great time. Altho at 3:30 in the morning I got a call and thought I was going to have to drive to go get lil man. He was crying for his mama. They finally got him calmed down and got him back to sleep. By morning it starting raining and thundering, so they had to book it thru breakfast and packing up. They were home by 9, lol! Here are some pix to show you how much fun they had!


  1. SUPER cute Julie. They looked like they had a really great time. TOO bad about the rain though. :( I am not a big fan of camping myself..I like running water too much! :)

  2. they look like they're having a good time... I'm with you on the camping part though... my husband wants to go camping with the kids, and I'm not really keen on the whole idea- the last camping we did was before kids, and only once, froze my bootie off and my husband would not zip sleeping bags together to be warmer- he said it lets more cold air in... yeah, not gonna happen- makes you wonder how we ended up with kids with that attitude! ;)