Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here are more pages I did for SAT.....
*Fine Print*
The Challenge: Create a page based off of a magazine ad. This page is absolutely one of my faves, I love the simple lines and LONG title...or is it just the title I love, lol. So fitting for my girls.

*Get Lei'd* (snickers) This challenge was creating a page to be tropical themed. What better pix than the girls all dolled up Hawaiian style!

*Twisted Sister* LOL , love that title. The challenge for this page was to create a LO based off of one provided....essentially a lift with a twist.

*Perfect Imperfections*
Create a page using an imperfect photo...*the seven* were facing the sun making the most horrendous faces ever...hence the imperfection.

*Go Hollywood*
Create a LO using a movie title or movie line. I'm sure you all have heard of mine..."here's looking at you kid"

a lil scrappy, you say....

Scrapathon has come and gone once are some pages I completed.

This page was done for *Capacity* Challenge. The entire background needed to be covered in pix. This page was fun!! It's my Lil guy's HOHO photo shoot!!
*Crystal Clear* We had to incorporate in something clear to our LO's. I used a 12x12 transparency along with the clocks!

LOL, this page was done for the *FUGLY* challenge. we had to use ugly paper on at least 50% of the page. I HATE this green striped paper, so what better paper to choose!

This is my sample page for the challenge I hosted..Giddyup!! You had to incorporate in pony beads. I made a *lollipop* out of them. This page was fun!

I did this page for a sketch in my group. I always try to step out of the box with patterns and colors. Sometimes it works!


woooooohooooooo it's here!!! so while playing around with my new rebel, i got this incredible picture of boppy!!!! wow is she ever growing up!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

{13} When did that happen!!?

HOLY CRAP!! IT CAN'T BE TRUE!! My daughter, my first 13!!! I am seriously the mother of a teenager. Here is a pic of my little *grown up* girl at her family party. So hard to believe...yet the gray hair tells me so.

She strikes again!!!!

I swear this child is the most expensive one ever.....This picture was taken early morning as you can tell with the look, lol. She got her top braces! Wow!! She did really great and what was funny is that morning at the ortho office....they have this line of all the chairs....all filled with girl teens. She chose blue and green so her mouth is full of color.

a few more ......

The challenge : Create a LO using a close up picture, an arrow, buttons and a one {verb}word title. This is a picture of my lil guy with his super cold cheeks from Jan '09

Here is a card I made for a friend's daughter.

Tink card for my neice's birthday :)

Okay the pic of this didnt come out well (poor night lighting) but IRL, I actually liked this LO. This was done for the bi-monthly challenge.

I made this and framed it in a black frame as a wedding gift for family. Hope it looks okay when the picture is placed in it.

the saga continues......

This page was done mimicking one of my first ever scrapbook pages. Rather than replicate, I chose to take elements from it and this is what I created. My lil bubble boy!

I think this is the last page for the money, not posting for so long sure puts one behind. The challenge : black bg, bright poppin' flowers, 3 kinds of printed papers (or was it 2?) and the title *You COLOR My World* Here is my result, a pic of Kass at the mini golf course 2 years ago.