Sunday, June 28, 2009


Okay, so a cpl months ago, Bopp went to the ortho for her consult (at dentists recommendation). We knew her teeth were crooked, but boy were we ever in for a financial shock!! Not only did she need top & bottom braces.....she needed a herbst appliance too. *shakes head in disbelief while sobbing!* I was already worried about how we were going to pay for braces when they decided to add in another 2 grand for this beyond belief piece of equipment. They decided this was the best way to correct her overbite and to widen her top jaw. The first week in June, she had spacers put in to prepare for what was to come. 2 weeks later, the *thing* went in. These pix will give you some what of an idea, but not the full extent because you aren't able to see the screw thingys that jab out on both sides and bottom. Also you can only partially see the poll like shock system that is connects both top and bottom. My poor child. LUCKILY, she is such a strong personality and person in general, she is dealing with it so well. Her biggest challenge, thus far, is eating, not so much chewing, that's not too bad, but food does get stuck up in that thing on the roof of her mouth. At first she'd panic a little, but realized that she could just eat and take care of it after. She is definitely a slower eater now, but is doing well. Here is the kicker, we thought she'd have about 6 months to get used to this foreign object in her mouth....nope, already has to get the top braces mid-July!! She will wear the herbst for a year, then *i think* get the bottom braces after that. They have told us the whole process will only take about 16-18 months, which I guess isn't too bad from what I hear. She has definitely gotten the worst parts of my hubby and I. My eyesight and HIS teeth!! Thankfully she is doing great and will have awesome, straight, pretty teeth when this is all said and done. WELL SHE BETTER ANYWAY!!! It's costing us about 5500 bucks :( We are doing our best, but it sure is a financial strain! (esp with soon to be car loan too) Take a look at this crazy thing!!

Scrap Time?

Wow, this month has really gotten away from me. It's been rough, with acclimating to the girls being home this summer, starting a diet *ick*, the car accident - and STILL no replacement, and Haleigh's mouth (post to come) So between all of that and the stress of it all, I just haven't had the time, motivation, or desire to get crafty. Finally Friday, I forced it. They aren't great pages, but here they are, just the same.

I did this page for a sketch in my group, I wanted something a little different so I found this great frog paper from Creative Imaginations in my stash. I just love it. So to match the paper, I titled it *Toad-ally Cool* and to match that, hehe, I chose a super cute picture of Xander sportin' his shades. I miss that gorgeous red curly hair!! This was a fun page!

This page was done for our June Visual inspiration challenge. The host picked this incredible picture of home watermelon looking popsicles. I knew exact which pix to use. I feel the LO itself is a little lack luster, but the pix make up for it, lol. I used dominoes on this page as well. I do like to step outside of the *normal* scrappy box and use things you might not typically see. They signify the date of the pictures. Genius....or not? I made my giant watermelon with cricut using the stretch your imagination cart. Gotta love cricut!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camp Out

This past weekend, the family decided to go camping. After the accident, we thought they needed some chillaxin. (tho camping for me is so not) I didn't stay, I just went and hung out for awhile. They had a great time. Altho at 3:30 in the morning I got a call and thought I was going to have to drive to go get lil man. He was crying for his mama. They finally got him calmed down and got him back to sleep. By morning it starting raining and thundering, so they had to book it thru breakfast and packing up. They were home by 9, lol! Here are some pix to show you how much fun they had!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Happenings of June...thus far

Aargh! For Halloween 2008, 2 of my kiddos were pirates! They played their parts so well. I tried to grunge up Kass some by intensifying her makeup below her eyes and pony tailing up *dreads*. They were the best looking pirates ever! I did this page using a sketch posted in my group and another group as well.

This page was a labor of love!! My buddy Kirsten and I every once in awhile will find a LO we like and we'll both come up with our own versions and LIFT it! I like how it turned out!

*the carver* Kass was the only brave one to stick her hands in and grab out the pumpkin gook, lol. Here is a page I made for a sketch chall with a twist....we had to use ONLY solid cardstock and use handwritten journaling. I loathe my handwritting so that is always a challenge for me!
FREEDOM!! Here is Xander and Ella on the 4th of July. I did this page for a color chall {RED, WHITE & BLUE} I used some wire and made some *firework* like springy things. The page feels a little bland, but it'll have to do.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Day I Can't Forget....altho I'd like to.

This is by far a day I will never forget.....even when I try to. June 6th, 2009. Hubby and kids were on their way home from the park.....and I get a call. It's my oldest daughter, telling me they just go into a car accident. My heart dropped. She assured me they were all okay but without seeing them, I just didn't know. Unfortunately he had taken by mistake both sets of keys, so I was stranded :( Maybe only 3 miles away.....if that. A passerby who stopped to check on them so kindly grabbed my set and brought them to me at home so that I could go get them. When I got there and saw them....well thank you God for taking care of my family. My lil guy saw me and immediately burst into tears. (I later found out from hubby that he didn't cry at all when it happened until he saw me. Maybe he was being strong for Daddy and when Mommy arrived, he could cave into me like I would have expected to happen) My youngest daughter was the same. Unfortunately the accident really scared soon as it happened and was over...she jumped out of the car and sadly was physically sick from it. My oldest however, is very strong and very brave, clearly shaken, but doesn't like to show it. Hubby on the other hand was so devastated at the event. The accident was his fault and he is bearing that weight on his shoulders....still today. Just like any parent, or person in general, he (as well as myself) can't let go of the *what if's* But on the other side of it all, we both realize how incredibly lucky we are. A car is just a car - altho i loved mine (yes he was in mine) but your family is not replaceable and everyone is okay, and that is ALL that matters. We are still unsure what will go down with my car as mine and the other were both towed, but we were fortunate to have a rental option on our insurance and we picked it up today. There may be days that we go nowhere, but when you can't, you feel trapped. The kids are out of school now and we plan on doing some things this summer, so having a car is key. Here are the photos of my durango, the damage is bad, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. So yes, this will be a day that I will never forget.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dun, Dun DuDunnn *SUPERBOY*

Check him out....Super Boy!!!! His sister thought it would be cute to make him a lil super hero, so here he is all decked out. Aside from his crazy long hair, he's the cutest super hero I've ever seen!!!

*Altered Jumbo Clothespin*

This is a super -sized clothespin that I received as part of a blind challenge. We knew we were going to alter something but until we received it in the mail, we didn't know what! When I got it in the mail, my oldest saw it and fell in love b/c it was green. She claimed it on the spot!! So when I altered it, I geared it toward her. I made some mini layouts so she can put pix of her friends on it! I have it hidden and hope to give it to her for her birthday!!