Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here are more pages I did for SAT.....
*Fine Print*
The Challenge: Create a page based off of a magazine ad. This page is absolutely one of my faves, I love the simple lines and LONG title...or is it just the title I love, lol. So fitting for my girls.

*Get Lei'd* (snickers) This challenge was creating a page to be tropical themed. What better pix than the girls all dolled up Hawaiian style!

*Twisted Sister* LOL , love that title. The challenge for this page was to create a LO based off of one provided....essentially a lift with a twist.

*Perfect Imperfections*
Create a page using an imperfect photo...*the seven* were facing the sun making the most horrendous faces ever...hence the imperfection.

*Go Hollywood*
Create a LO using a movie title or movie line. I'm sure you all have heard of mine..."here's looking at you kid"

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