Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creative Talentz?

The Scrapathon is offically over and I'm posting the work I created over the last 4 days. I truly adore SAT, but I feel like everything suffers. Family, house and esp my aching body!!! Luckily I have an amazing husband who understands my creative need for this hobby and for SAT and he is very supportive (even if he doesn't want to be). It only happens 4 times a year, so I figure it's a sacrifice from all, but one that we will have memories from for a lifetime. Here are a few of the pages....stay tuned for post #2 with the rest.

This page was done for a create a picture window challenge. And boy oh boy was it ever a challenge. The cutting of all the strips and trying to adhere them together perfectly without gluing them directly to the photo was challenge in itself. I used chipboard for the shutters. I first inked it with black ink, then I used tim's crackle paint (note to self: get more of this stuff - it freakin' rocks) I used a brown and reddish color. then i did a little more ink distressing. added my title and flowers as if in a window box. I am pleased with how this page turned out. I cant believe that photo was already 3 years ago. I'm so very sad at how time flies.

Now this page was done for the Honor and Rememberance Challenge. As soon as I saw the challenge I knew exactly who would hold the spotlight in this page. My Grandma. She was such a huge part of my life and my crafty hero. I miss her so much, but remember her so fondly. I found this page on the net somewhere and loved it so much. I knew I had to replicate to the best of my abilities. I love you Grandma!! aka Ruthie :D

ahhhh, the *duplicate* challenge. And it SO was!!! A supply list was given of what we needed to have on our layouts. We could use whatever else we wanted as long as the itemized list was included. Red, black and white were the main theme, so I went straight for the Disney pictures. The ones from 2003!!! *shakes head in disbelief*

French!? Who knew!! The Challenge: Create a page with the title being solely in another language. I chose french, lol. *brisant du coeur* means HeartBreaker!! Ain't that the truth. My little guy is such a cutie - of course I'm biased, he's mine!!! The page itself is just okay, but the pictures makes it incredible!

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